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      Buyer / Seller Resources

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      Buying Tips

      Guide to Help You Buy New England Real Estate

      Here are some useful tips to assist you when buying a house or condominium. We're here to help! Call us at 603-745-8112. We're happy to answer your questions about buying vacation property, or to schedule an appointment to view homes for sale in NH. You can also register online to receive notices of available houses for sale in NH.

      1. Finding the Right Home
      As you discuss the house you want and features that are important, think about your needs now, and think about what your needs may be in a few years.

      For instance, currently you may have children in school and need a home with lots of bedrooms. In a few years you prefer a smaller home with fewer maintenance costs that allows you more free time. If that's the case, think about the home you're buying in terms of resale or rental potential, and consider financing options that make sense for your scenario.

      2. Determine Whether You Can Afford the Property
      Pre-qualifying for a home loan is an important step in the home-buying process. There are 2 ratios used to determine loan limits. The first number is your total projected housing costs. These should not exceed 28% of your gross monthly income.

      The second factor is your total debt. Mortgage lenders analyze the ratio between your total monthly obligations and your income to decide how much money you should allow for monthly housing expenses.

      To get pre-approved for a home mortgage loan, consider these local New Hampshire mortgage lenders:

      3. Making an Offer on Your Home
      After you find your perfect home, you must decide how much to offer the seller. First, determine the home's real value; then try to determine what the owner will accept.

      Loon Mountain Real Estate Company real estate agents will provide you listings of homes for sale in NH which are comparable in size, features and location. These comps will help you get a feel for the market. Our agents will help you understand how your prospective home compares.

      Bear in mind, most homes sell below asking price. This means most owners list their homes higher than the price they expect to receive. Buyers frequently make their first offer below list price, expecting to negotiate and meet somewhere in the middle.

      4. Checklist for Home Buyers

      1. Define your priorities for the features and amenities you're seeking.
      2. Learn the area real estate market for homes for sale in NH - it may differ from your current area.
      3. Get financing pre-approval or pre-qualification.
      4. Schedule a final walkthrough.
      5. Have proper inspections done, including radon. For more information on radon, visit the EPA website
      6. Estimate your closing costs.
      7. Get a cashier's check for the closing amount.
      8. Bring a personal check to cover any last-minute closing charges.
      9. Call your insurance agent to insure your new home.
      10. Call utility companies: electricity, gas, oil, phone.
      11. Schedule movers.

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      Selling Tips

      Sell Your Home or Land Quickly – For Maximum Profit!

      The market for homes for sale in NH  and for Loon Mountain real estate can be competitive. Read these tips to help you sell your home quickly, for the maximum price. Loon Mountain Real Estate Company is here to help! Call us at 603-745-8112. We're happy to answer your questions about selling your home or land, or to schedule an appointment to discuss listing your property with us.

      The Importance of Pricing Your Home Right
      One of the key factors to a successful sale is listing your home or vacation property for the right price. If the price is too low, you won't realize your maximum profit. If the price is too high, it may take a long time to find a buyer.

      The correct price for your home is set by the market - not necessarily based on what you paid for your home. Buyers look at a variety of homes, and factors such as comparables, location and the features come into play in determining the price of a home. Use our Sold Property Search tool to find the price of other homes similar to yours that have recently sold.

      Tips for Selling Your Home Quickly:

      1. When looking at comparable real estate properties, consider square footage, location, condition, and appearance.
      2. Because markets can change quickly, pay particular attention to homes sold within the last 3-6 months.
      3. Be realistic: Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Buyers will add up the costs of updates and repairs and will subtract them from the asking price.
      4. Get a competitive analysis: Loon Mountain Real Estate agents know the New England real estate market. They will help you evaluate similar area homes, advise you how long they've been on the market, and how buyers are responding to their prices. We can compile for you a competitive market analysis that takes into account all these factors. Contact Loon Mountain Real Estate today.
      5. De-clutter your property. A clutter-free property makes it easier for a prospective buyer to envision their family in your home.
      6. Fix minor repairs (e.g., paint, leaky faucets, etc.)
      7. Know the radon level of your property. If you have high radon, mitigation systems can be installed to reduce radon levels in your home.
      8. Have a home inspection. It's important to be aware of underlying problems that may affect the sale of your property.
      9. Professional cleaning - Have your property professionally cleaned, especially if the property you are selling is not often visited.

      Thinking of Selling Your Home?
      Email Us, or call us today at 800-229-LOON (5666) ext. 5381.

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      Staging Your Home

      Use these valuable home-staging tips to set your home apart from the competition and get top dollar for your property.

      It can't be stressed enough: first impressions are extremely important. Before listing your property, take care to make your house as presentable as possible - and to maintain it throughout the selling process. By following these simple tips on staging your home, you'll appeal to serious buyers and sell your house faster:

      1. Curb Appeal: The outside of your house creates the first impression for prospective buyers. Keep your lawn mowed, landscaping tidy, and entryway inviting.
      2. Repairs and Improvements: Fix exterior or interior minor things that may potentially turn away prospective home buyers. These would include water stains, wallpaper repairs, holes in walls and stained carpets.
      3. Remove Strong Colors: You may love purple walls, but many buyers may not. To appeal to the widest audience, paint your walls a neutral color.
      4. Deep-Clean Your Home: Make sure windows, walls and floors are clean. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring they are immaculate.
      5. Remove Clutter: Removing clutter will maximize the space of your home. Keep kitchen countertops cleared of small appliances, and box up toys. Remove clutter from refrigerator doors. De-clutter walls by removing excess photos. Also consider removing large furniture from small rooms – it will create an illusion of space.
      6. Setting the Stage: Thoughtful touches always enhance a prospective buyer's impression. Consider these ideas:
        *Display fresh flowers in the house
        *Bake cookies or burn a candle to fill the home with a pleasant aroma during a showing
        *Ensure each room has sufficient lighting

      Loon Mountain Real Estate Company is here to help. Email us, or call us at 603-745-8112 for more tips to sell your home faster.

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      Free Market Analysis

      Find the Value of Your NH Real Estate

      Welcome to Loon Mountain Real Estate's Free Real Estate Market Analysis. Let our experienced New Hampshire real estate brokers assist you in determining the value of your property.

      Please complete the form below, and one of our brokers will contact you directly to assist you with your free market analysis. Loon Mountain Real Estate Company offers this free service with no obligation on your part. We look forward to hearing from you.

      Your Contact Information

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      Property Address

      New Hampshire

      Property Description

      By supplying your contact information, you may be contacted by phone or email by the owner of this website or a member of their professional team. To contact us with questions before using our tool, feel free to reach out here. You can also begin by looking at our selling tips or our guide to marketing your property.


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      Marketing Your Property

      Loon Mountain Real Estate Company has the unique distinction of being located at Loon Mountain Resort. Our office is located at the base of the slopes, where thousands of visitors can find us daily. For over 40 years, we have represented clients with homes for sale in NH. We have earned a reputation for integrity and individualized service. Our seasoned real estate agents have the knowledge and breadth of experience to offer our clients an edge in the very competitive Loon Mountain area real estate market.

      How We Market Your Home

      Loon Mountain Real Estate is very competitive in the local area’s various print advertising. We have an exclusive placement in Loon Magazine, which is distributed throughout the Northeast and in many southern New England locations. We are one of the only area real estate companies featured on the Loon TV Channel 22.

      We also market to the ever-increasing number of subscribers to Loon Mountain's Real Estate e-News.

      Loon Mountain Real Estate is featured in the local free newspaper, readily available throughout Lincoln/Woodstock and the surrounding towns. In addition to marketing your property in the free paper, we’re also featured in the local Courier newspaper, with homes and land listed and sold north of Franconia Notch, too.

      We’re constantly looking for new ways to capture the attention of potential real estate sellers and buyers and will be joining the latest real estate guide, The Realty Press. You can’t go wrong letting Loon Mountain Real Estate handle your real estate needs.

      With our proven record of satisfied customers and over 40 years in the business, we’ll help you achieve your real estate goals. Contact our experts today with all of your real estate needs!

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      Loon Area Real Estate Guide

      For access to our latest Loon Area Real Estate Guide, please register or log in, and we'll be happy to provide you with electronic access to the guide. We're also happy to mail you a copy if you prefer.

      If you'd like to receive the guide via snail mail give us a shout.

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      Get a taste of the Loon Mountain lifestyle.


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