Staging Your Home

Use these valuable home-staging tips to set your home apart from the competition and get top dollar for your property.

It can't be stressed enough: first impressions are extremely important. Before listing your property, take care to make your house as presentable as possible - and to maintain it throughout the selling process. By following these simple tips on staging your home, you'll appeal to serious buyers and sell your house faster:

  1. Curb Appeal: The outside of your house creates the first impression for prospective buyers. Keep your lawn mowed, landscaping tidy, and entryway inviting.
  2. Repairs and Improvements: Fix exterior or interior minor things that may potentially turn away prospective home buyers. These would include water stains, wallpaper repairs, holes in walls and stained carpets.
  3. Remove Strong Colors: You may love purple walls, but many buyers may not. To appeal to the widest audience, paint your walls a neutral color.
  4. Deep-Clean Your Home: Make sure windows, walls and floors are clean. Pay particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring they are immaculate.
  5. Remove Clutter: Removing clutter will maximize the space of your home. Keep kitchen countertops cleared of small appliances, and box up toys. Remove clutter from refrigerator doors. De-clutter walls by removing excess photos. Also consider removing large furniture from small rooms – it will create an illusion of space.
  6. Setting the Stage: Thoughtful touches always enhance a prospective buyer's impression. Consider these ideas:
    *Display fresh flowers in the house
    *Bake cookies or burn a candle to fill the home with a pleasant aroma during a showing
    *Ensure each room has sufficient lighting

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